III DC Botany Extension Activity


Thirteen students of the III DC Botany were taken for a one day trip to Kottoor as an extension activity and for ethano-botanical studies on 25.3.2017 accompanied by two teaching and one non teaching staff .Mr Suresh Mithra, Kanni tribe member accompanied the group as guide. Kottor is located in the Agasthyakoodam hill range in the Western Ghats. The group went to a community centre were many members of the Kanni tribe were gathered. The College group distributed study materials to the children and clothing for the aged. Rice and cereals were also given for the noon meal scheme arranged for the children during the vacation tuition classes. Herbal treatment for poisonous snake bites, insect bites etc was explained by a Kanni lady who has been treating patients for the past 20 – 30 years . The Muthukanni or the Headman explained the different medicinal properties of the herbs grown in the region. The trip was enjoyable as well as very informative . Later a visit to the elephant park nearby was also made.




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